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Mechanics of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 3rd Edition (aka WFRP3)

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Expanded Equipment and Price List

A Brief History of the Empire

Races of the Old World

The Colleges of Magic

Proscribed ars magica

Gods and Cults of the Old World

The Imperial Pantheon

  • Manann, god of the seas
  • Morr, god of dreams & death
  • Myrmidia, goddess of warfare
  • Ranald, god of luck & trickery
  • Shallya, goddess of healing & mercy
  • Sigmar, god of the Empire
  • Taal, god of nature & wild places
  • Ulric, god of battle, wolves & winter
  • Verena, goddess of learning & justice

Proscribed gods of Chaos


Main Page

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