Celestial (Heavens)

Wizards of the Celestial College tap the Wind of Azyr to foretell the future. Viewed as reclusive and aloof, these astromancers spend most of their time observing the stars and heavens from domes atop their tower so that they can prophesize future events. Astrology update

With their knowledge of the Lore of the Heavens, Celestial Wizards seek omens and potents and call down deadly spells from the sky.

The power to predict and tell fortunes gives the Celestial College great power in the Imperial court. The Emperor regularly takes counsel from the Celestial Patriarch, making the order the most well-regarded by the Imperial elite. As with all wizards, commonfolk view them with fear, disdain, and suspicion.

Celestial Wizards often wear deep blue robes festooned with silver brooches shaped like moons and stars.

Celestial (Heavens)

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