Entdeckungsreise durch die fantastische Alte Welt

The Crucible .... Warhammer style

We awoke in the cave with a mute, bearded, old, stinky hermit. This kind stranger took the trouble to heal us, including Karl and Thomas. In his cave we saw a massive, boat-sized cavern and underground river. This aligned with rumors of smuggling river and made us think of Valeria’s tale of some unknown passage elf boats took during the War of the Beard. There was a chest/crate on the other side of the river, but none of us had the stones to swim across after mute hermit grunted a few times.

Eventually mute hermit indicated that we should carry Karl and Thomas and follow him. He then led us through inscrutable mists back near the town. For a mute, stinky fucker he is a hell of a guy. Playing a hunch, I called out to him as Father Marbad, but he didn’t really react to it. Later in town as we inquired, we found that stinky hermit’s “shit-brown eyes” and bulbous nose did not match up with Father Marbad. So it’s a bit of a mystery who the kindly hermit is.

We returned to a heroes welcome which I further encouraged with a tale of our trollslaying and rolled out the brute’s dome as a souvenir. “Hooray” was said multiple times and we felt triumphant.

The next thing we knew was that a witch hunter arrives with a pack of thugs … which again the people cheer. The guy first seems 7’ tall and fierce, but after removing his fire-crown, the guy looks more like Danny Devito and we are less impressed. Still, one does not fuck with a witch hunter. What unnerved me most about the witch hunter was that he was sort of nice to us. Kindness from those heartless zealots just means they are going to burn your ass at the stake next. Fortunately our priest of Sigmar seems to get along well with this hunter, whose name is Mattias Krieger.

Somebody snitched out the drunken priest of Mannan Salzig, but who did the snitching isn’t really an important detail. Krieger and his weasely scribe sent goons to collect him. I can only imagine that failure of a priest is going to suffer … as well he should for failing his people.

We join the witch hunters at the Baron’s place. Krieger has pretty much pushed the Baron and his family around. Overstepping his authority a bit perhaps, but I’m not going to be the one to tell him.

While at the dinner, the Fire Wizard did a great job of peppering the Baron’s mother with questions about Marbad and the chesty old bag came out looking a little shakey. She knows something about the hermit, but what?

Working on our theory that the witch is the Baron’s son by Heydrun, we suspect that banished Heydrun and banished Marbad took to the swamps. We’re not sure if Heydrun died and Marbad raised the kid. Or maybe both died leaving the baby to be raised by the stinky mute hermit.

In any case, we figured all the bad that has befallen Falligmire happened after the Baron’s mom dimissed Marbad and sent off Heydrun (an presumably her unborn chlid, aka the witch). The Fire Priest thinks that Mannan is punishing the lady/town for getting rid of Marbad, which makes sense. Maybe getting a capable priest in here will help? Or maybe the responsible person will restore Mannan’s favor. At the end of the day, the cunt who caused all this trouble is the Baron’s mom. We hate her.

While at the Baron’s place, Valeria inquired about our search for the amulet/underground river. I lied because there’s something fishy about her. She gave off a really weird vibe about the treasure and she’s much more of a warrior than she seems. Basically the theory is this: (1) She’s either after this amulet because she’s evil and wants it’s wicked power; or (2) She’s good and just wants to make sure this precious elf amulet does not fall into corruptible human hands. No clue which way to go with her yet.

We were sent back to the marsh as one of three hunting bands. There we fought giant spiders, who were fairly hurtful. Likewise, we battled a Fen Beast that resembled Swamp Thing’s bigger brother. In fact, we found a hut with witchy type stuff, plants, dead animals, and a green liquid bubbling in a cauldron. Magic sight from Fire Wiz revealed chaos abounded. The witch may be retarded, not evil. Either way, he’s messing with dangerous shit. So far, all accounts point to the witch actually being pretty decent. He was not the aggressor in the village. And when we encountered him, he just hid himself instead of attacking us. True, he was chilling with a Fen Beast, but he did not attack us.

So, if we can bring him back alive, we’re supposed to. If not, we’re supposed to fetch his corpse. The witch hunter will kill this fuck, no doubt. I’m not sure if the Lady would want him dead (to cover shame of Baron humping Heydrun and the fact that he’s a fucking witch) or if she’ll want to help because the kid would be the legitimate heir to the barony. The Baron and his bitchy new wife have no kids. The Baron’s own reaction was weird enough when we told him we thought the witch was his kid. So who knows what the fuck he does now that they’re face to face.

All I know is that I Baron’s mom is to blame for all this shit. Somehow as we navigate witch hunters and fen beasts and underground rivers, we need to figure out a way for Susie Big Tits to suffer.



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