Entdeckungsreise durch die fantastische Alte Welt

Riders on the Misty Storm

As the giant bog monster disintegrated back in to the earth, a couple of us pressed on to see if we could find what looked like the witch who had disappeared. Being quickly rebuked by impassable swamp, we returned to our companions to learn they had found a fetish where the monster had found. The earthen parts of this talisman fell away, leaving the Baron’s signet on a chain. identical to the one in the painting of Heidrun. We thought it wise to return it to the baron, but away from the witch hunter’s men. Upon receiving it, he was visibly shaken, but quickly pulled him self together as Von Schnell came to deliver him an urgent message from town. Krieger was on the warpath, so we headed for town as quickly as we could.

As we reached town, we knew things were certainly off. the normal town guards were replaced by Krieger’s men. As we hurried through town, towards the Baron’s estate, we came across the gallows occupied by my favorite elderly couple, the Van Helsing’s (because I’ll never remember their name). At the foot of the gallows laid the beaten and broken body of the two tailed turtle. Krieger, we found later, took the turtle as an evil abomination, and they had to die for housing such a creature.

We came across Pierne, his wife and small girl being forcibly removed from their home by 3 guards. That quicky changed when Pierne punched one with his third arm, which was growing out of his stomach. Upon killing him, and one brave guard slitting the wife’s throat, Pierne’s body exploded into some creature i can’t even begin to describe. We were able to let the baron and young girl get away while we killed the creature.

As we entered the Baron’s estate, we found Krieger had set up a questioning station, complete with torture tools. Present Were The Baron (and little girl), his mother, Krieger, Clemens, The raven haired woman who had the argument with the innkeeper’s wife, along with various guards. As we filled Krieger in on what happened during our hunt, and Clemens questioned the townsfolk, guards brought in our mute hermit friend. We would find out eventually that his name was Lenko Sep. As soon as the baron’s mother saw him, she threw a fit. She claimed she could feel that he had vexed her, and that she barely had the strength to fight it off. She swore he was the witch.

Clemens was quickly put to the task of torturing information out of him, as Krieger mulled over all of the opinions and information before him. For a crazy bastard, he seemed at least somewhat open to finding the actual truth. We attempted to speak with the baron’s mother privately, as well as trying to get our hermit friend to give us any clues as to what he knew or why he would turn himself in for certain torture. Uncertain what to do next, we decided to look around town a bit more.

Our big stop was Saskia’s house. Inside we found 3 “potions” that were similar not only to the gunk in the hut in the wilderness, but similar to what Pierne had been drinking when we first met with him. Soon we were summoned to return to the Baron’s estate. As we regathered, we were told Lenko actually spoke, saying he would confess, but only to us. He told us that some 20 years ago he was charged to kill the priest of Manaan, as well as a young woman. He did kill the priest, but couldn’t bring himself to kill the woman, as she was with child. He would not state the name of who charged him with these tasks, but felt it was time for him to pay for his sins.

Seth the cobbler was brought in, and told Krieger the same story he told us, which involved his fear of a cult in town. He went so far as to give directions to an area he thought they went to out in the swamp. Krieger took some of his men, and they rode down the river to check it out. We ultimately found out that he was sent to that magical underground river. We followed Krieger down the river, roughly an hour after they left.

Getting to the underground portion, we found Krieger’s boat. Things were quite messy. The shores and waters were full of good, clothing and even bodies. We found Krieger dead, face down in the sand. He had what looked like a dagger wound in his back. The front of his torso was wounded, but it didn’t look like any normal weapon did it. He had written the word “witch” in to the sand with an arrow pointing in to the cave. We found maybe a dozen black powder kegs in the ship. we put them in to our boat and floated in to the abyss.

As we came out the other side we saw a small elven ship, and Valeria waist deep in the water guiding it to the shore. We embraced combat with the handful of dark elves who exited the ship, as we saw Valeria, Saskia and the blonde man run further down the beach. After dispatching the elves, we gave chase, only to find Valeria fighting the witch as Saskia laid badly injured. We joined forces to defeat the evil dark elf lady, who apparently was only interested in finding the underground river. We quickly reached that conclusions as we realized the much larger dark elf ship out on the sea. It looked like it was coming ashore, or possibly going to sail right through the tunnel in to our kingdom.

As we thought of how to proced, we had a quick conversation with the witch, where he said his mother had died, he made a fetish from her necklace, and it turned in to the giant hulking swamp monster of a protector. He claimed to not know his father was the baron of the town, but swore he never wished to return there.



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