Ranald is the trickster god of Fate and Fortune, also known as the night prowler. Thieves and all sorts of violence-averse rogues pray to him. The cult is not exactly formal. There are no formal temples and Ranald’s order operates incognito.

Symbol: An ‘X’; crossed fingers, black cats)
Colors: none, for practical reasons.
Popular shrines and temples: alleys where craps are being played, backrooms were cards are played, and anywhere luck reigns supreme
Cult traits: Protect the weak and down trodden, stick it to ‘the man’
Centre of the Cult: cities


  • One coin in ten belongs to Ranald
  • Live by your wits, not your sword
  • It is better to live free than suffer oppression
  • Laws are meant to be broken
  • Don’t get caught


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