Characteristics and Skills


All characters are defined and measured (essentially on a 5-point scale) by the following traits:

  • Strength (St): Brawn, brute physical force, used to determine athletic skills, hand-to-hand combat effectiveness
  • Toughness (To): Hardiness, endurance, constitution, used to determine resistance to disease and toxins
  • Agility (Ag): Balance, dexterity, used to determine range combat effectiveness
  • Intelligence (Int): Reason, faculty for deduction, intellect, used for knowledge and spellcraft
  • Willpower (WP): Confidence, nerve, self-control, force of will, used for courage, discipline and religious tests
  • Fellowship (Fel): Personality and charisma, used for persuasion (honest and not) and currying favor with one’s gods

Scores of 3 are average and those above being increasingly rarer the further you move away from this mid-point.


Skills are all tied to one of the characteristics above. Generally, the higher your underlying characteristic is when you attempt to use the skill, the greater your likelihood of success. Another critical factor is your level of training in a skill.

Essentially, when you attempt a task the underlying characteristic attached tells you how many Characteristic dice (Blue) you get to roll to generate successes. The concept of stance will alter the color of the dice you roll, but the higher your statistic the more good dice you get to roll . . . which is a good thing.


  • Athletics: used for climbing, jumping, running, etc.
  • Weapon Skill: used for melee combat (usually), unarmed combat


  • Resilience: vigor, ability to bounce back from strain and punishment


  • Ballistic skill: range-based combat like archery, thrown weapons, shooting skills
  • Coordination: feats of balance, grace, and acrobatics
  • Ride: ability to operate a mount or carriage/cart pulled by draft animals
  • Skullduggery: shady acts of burglary, picking locks and pockets
  • Stealth: sneaking about quietly and unseen


  • First Aid: Rendering immediate medical care
  • Folklore: General knowledge, common sense and street smarts
  • Intuition: Instincts about people, places, and things
  • Nature Lore: wilderness knowledge and survival skills
  • Observation: awareness and perception of surroundings
  • Education (Advanced): literacy and book learnin’
  • Spellcraft (Advanced): casting arcane magic


  • Discipline: ability to function under stressful stimuli
  • Channeling (Advanced): harnessing the winds of magic
  • Piety (Advanced): sense for what might please the gods, wisdom and knowledge of religion and the divine


  • Charm: create a good impression, influence others, includes seduction
  • Guile: misleading others
  • Leadership: command, motivate and manage
  • Invocation (Advanced): casting divine magic

Training in a skill will afford you a bonus Expertise die (Yellow), and in addition any Specialization (a focus area within a skill) can grant yet another Fortune die (White) to your pool of dice.

Characteristics and Skills

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