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Note prices will vary by location. Anything you would like to acquire that is shown as Rare, Exotic or Illegal (ask me first, purchase might need to be roleplayed).

Special thanks to Jay Hayman for this expanded Equipment List.

Food & Alcohol

Food, meal 5b Abund. Resilience
Food, preserved 10b Plentiful Resilience
Horse feed 5b Abund. Combat mounts
Ale/beer in mug 5b Plentiful Fit in
Wine, in goblet 10b Common Look snooty
Bottle of Wine 5s Common Intoxication
Flask of spirits 3s Common Intoxication
Keg of Beer, small 3s Common Intoxication
Wine of Dreams 10g Illegal Clairvoyance, Youth

Lodging (includes meal)/ Price/Suggested Effect

Encampment, urban, poor / 5b/ +3 black to healing check
Encampment, rural, poor/ 5b / +2 black to healing check
Encampment, rural, avg / 10b/ + 2 black to healing check
Straw pile in stables/ 10b/ +2 black to healing check
Common Rm, Fleabag/ 1s / +1 black to healing check
Common Rm, Straw Tick/ 2s/ Normal healing check
Private Room, Poor/ 10s /Normal Healing check
Private Room, Avg/ 20s/ +1 white to healing check
Private Room, Superior/ 1g/ +2 white to healing check
Stabling, Horse (poor‐supr)/ 20b /Recovery bonus
Bath/wash, soap/ 10b/ +1 White to scent track
Asylum, average/ 10s per month / May recover insanity
Chartered Ride (per day)
Haycart 10b Plentiful
Coach route 10s Common
Riverboat 30s Rare
Sea vessel 60s Rare

Item/ Price/ Rarity/ Example/ Skill Check Use

Scales & weights 5g Rare Haggle/estimate, Intuition
Abacus 1g Common Tradecraft, Intellect
Book (subject) 1g Rare Any single subject
Engraving kit 1g Rare Forgery, haggling
Ink / paint 10s Common Forgery/ scribe/ art
Magnifying Glass 1.5g Rare Observation
Map (province) 1g Rare Geography
Papers/parchment 5s Plentiful see book
Print tools, press 2g Rare Tradecraft, forgery
Quills / Brush 5s Plentiful Scribe, Forger, etc.
Sextant/compass 20g Exotic Direction, travel
Telescope, etc. 20g Exotic Observation, Nature Lore

Binding rope 5b Abund. Binding
Manacles 10s Common Restraint
Climbing Rope 5s Plentiful Climbing
Glue 1s Rare Securing
Grappling Hook 15s Rare Climbing

Camping/Survival Gear
Backpack 2s Common Avoid dropping gear
Bag, large 1s Abund. Carry gear
Wool blanket kit 1s Abund. Resilience
Tent, single 10s Common Resilience
Tent, double 50s Common Resilience
Cold weather gear 3g Rare Resilience
Tent, pavilion 10g Exotic Resilience, Social

Clothes, Social 1s Abund Social
Clothes, Traveling 2s Abund Resilience
Clothes, Profession 2s Rare Relevant Skill check
Jewelry 20s Rare Social
Perfume 10s Exotic Social, Charm

Hand Tool (rake, saw, shovel, chisel, hammer, etc.)
Tool, wooden 10b Plentiful Tradecraft
Tool, metal 5s Common Tradecraft
Repair tools 10s Common Tradecraft – specific

Candles (5) 1s Plentiful Observation; Spellcraft
Torches (5) 1s Abund Observation
Flint & steel 10b Plentiful Observation
Lamp 1s Plentiful Observation
Oil, lamp/lantern 10b Plentiful Observation
Lantern, average 10s Plentiful Observation
Lantern, storm 30s Common Observation

Medical Supplies
Apothecary kit 1g Rare Tradecraft, First Aid
Barber‐surgeon kit 1g Rare First Aid
First‐Aid Kit, Basic 2s Common First Aid
Physician Kit 2g Exotic First Aid, Medicine
Healing draught 20s (4w) Exotic Healing on successes
Restore draught 10s (4w) Exotic ‐Fatigue/stress per success

Unskilled 4b/d Abund. Laborer
Skilled 10b/d Plentiful Craftsman
Specialist 2s/d Common Blacksmith, etc.
Specialist 15s/d Rare Engineer
Specialist 2g+/d Exotic Wizard, Alchemist, etc.

Trade Tools
Bailiff’s Coffer 1g Rare Locks, secure to surface
Animal trap 5s Plentiful Nature Lore
Badge/Writ/Insignia50s Rare By profession
Blessed Water 50s Rare Piety
Contract, Agency 50s Exotic By profession
Bounty, purchased 10s‐1g Rare By profession
Burgher’s Tools 1g Common Tradecraft (e.g smith)
Flag/Banner 1g‐2g Rare Leadership
Games/cards 5s Common Gambling, Guile
Homing Pigeon 5s Rare Send reports, trained
Lockpicks 2g Illegal Skullduggery
Messenger Pouch 50s Rare Secret pouches
Mystic Ball/bones 1g Exotic Intuition, etc.
Lute or Recorder 1g Rare Tradecraft (performance)
Jugglers Kit 5s Rare Tradecraft (performance)
Silvered item +75s Exotic Ammo group or item
Smugglers Box 1g Rare Secret bottom

Arcane Items
Luckstone 2.5g Exotic Reroll 1 die/session
Scroll, Bonus, 5r. 10s Rare Fortune for skill;5 rounds
Scroll, Spell, Petty 25s Rare Petty spell
Scroll, Spell, Rk 1 50s Exotic Rank 1 spell
Scroll, Spell, Rk 2 1g Exotic Rank 2 spell
Scroll, Spell, Rk 3 3g Exotic Rank 2 spell
Staff, Attuned 7.5g Exotic Fortune to Channeling
Wand, Spell 15g Exotic Holds 1 spell/career

Divine Items – Use requires maneuver
Artifact, minor 1g Rare White ‐ Piety
Holy Symbol 18g Plentiful Yellow ‐ Discipline
Prayerbook 1g Rare White ‐ Piety/Invocation
Sacrifice at shrine 10s Common White ‐ Piety/invocation
Standard, Religious 5g Rare White‐Willpower(pious)

Herbs, Medicines, Other
Cococo Tonic/ 5s /Common/ Ignore symptom
Earth Root/ 10s/ Common/ vs. black plague
Faxtoryll/ 20s/ Rare/ 2 white vs. disease‐ wound trait
Gesundheit/ 2s/ Common/ 2 white First Aid or Medicine
Graveroot/ 20s/ Rare/ 2 Y Tomb Rot
Onions/ 1b/ Plentiful/ Colds, Asthma, bronchitis
Speckled Rustwort/ 20s/ Rare /2 White vs fever
Spiderleaf /20s/ Rare/ +1 White Healing Draught
Valerian/ 1s/ Common/ Heal +1 white resilience
Garlic/ 1b/ Plentiful/ vs. vampires, antibiotic

Land‐based Mounts (with gear)
Horse, draught 75s Plentiful
Riding horse/pony 2g Common
Warhorse 10g Rare
Mule/Donkey/Ox 1g Plentiful
Demigryph 200g Exotic
Elephant, Arabyan 200g Exotic

Wheels (purchase beasts separately)
Cart, Hand 1g Plentiful
Cart, Drawn 3g Plentiful
Wagon 6g Common
Coach (6‐8) 30g Common
Elven Chariot 100g Exotic
Dwarf Steam Cart 150g Exotic
Marienburg Landship‐500g Exotic

Water‐based Transport
Boat, Row (holds 5) 4g Plentiful
Boat, River 60g Common
Boat, River, Steam 150g Common
Ship 1k Common
Dwarf Nautilus 1k Exotic

Flight‐based Transport
Griffon/hippogriff 200g Exotic
Pegasus 200g Exotic
Dwarf Gyrocopter 300g Exotic
Balloon, hot air 100g Exotic
Airship 200g Exotic

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