Amethyst (Death)

Often thought of as necromancers, Amethyst Wizards are practitioners of the Purple Wind, Shyish. While they do not pursue immortality or raise the dead like necromancers, they do specialize
in death and decay. From their crooked towers and charnel houses overlooking the Cemetery of Old Altdorf, the spiriters of the Amethyst Order observe the mysteries between life and death that
hide in shallow graves and crumbling sepulchres.

Amethyst Wizards are quite withdrawn from the happenings of the other Colleges and the Imperial court. When a spiriter does make his presence known, all are quick to satisfy his wants, as they are most likely of the utmost importance.

As with all wizards, commonfolk view them with fear, disdain, and suspicion. Spiriters are commonly mistaken for necromancers, a mistake that some Amethyst Wizards are not quick to disprove.

Amethyst Wizards dress in tattered, purple robes adorned with the scythe of their Order. Their shadowed faces are skeletal and pale under their hoods, their eyes sunken. The longer an Amethyst Wizard has exposed himself to the wind of Shyish, the more corpse-like he appears.

Amethyst (Death)

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