Vaelentyr Stormbrook

Exiled High Elf Swordmaster


Race: High Elf (Asur – Hoeth)
Career: Swordmaster

Wounds: 12 (xp2)
Corruption: 13

Racial abilities:
• Composure: free Focus talent card
• Erudite: acquire (not train) Education for free
• Ishas chosen: Observation for free
• Night vision: 2 fewer misfortune dice due to darkness

Class Ability: Great Sword of Hoeth (DR6 , CR:2; add white die on attack, when crit draw two, pick one as crit and apply other as normal)

ST:4 (7pts)
To*:4 (xp 7, xp 8, xp9, xp10)
Int:3 (3pts)
WP:3 (3pts)
Skills Trained (3 train, 1 spec 2pt)
• Weapon Skill (Spec: Great Sword)
• Coordination
• Intuition
• Observation (free)
• Education (acquired)
• Discipline (xp4)

Action Cards: 2 (1pt)
• Final Stroke of the Master
• Path of the Autumn Wind
• Improved Dodge (xp1)
• Path of the Summer Gale (xp3)
• Speed of Asuryan (xp6)

Wealth: Affluent (3pts)

Talents: (1 talent: 1pt) [Tactic/Focus] (free focus talent)
• Tactic- Catlike reflexes (add 2 black dice to doge or 2 white dice to agility check), Exceptional Training (negate up to 2 banes on St, Tg, Ag check) [xp5]
• Focus: Contemplative (convert an extra characteristic die to Conservative)

• Set of exceptional clothes
• Sturdy backpack
• second set of clothes
• healing draught
• dagger
• Ulthuan scale (def 1, soak 3)
• a few knicknacks
• Coin: 4g



On the distant shores of the high elf archipelago nation of Ulthuan, in Saphery, Hoeth houses the greatest scholars of magic ever known. To protect the sage wizards in their high towers and to defend the land against dark elf incursions, Hoeth fields an elite army of warriors known as the Swordmasters of Hoeth. Employing the artful Way of the Sword, the Swordmasters gracefully wield exquisite two-handed great swords. To be a Swordmaster is a noble and honorable path.

Vaelentyr Stormbrook was a young Swordmaster, whose regiment was guarding a wizard’s tower. The tower was attacked by dark elf raiders who overwhelmed Vaelentyr’s unit and slew many of his brothers-in-arms and the wizards they were sworn to protect. Vaelentyr himself was badly wounded and left for dead. He was revived and devastated by the news of his team’s failure.

Unconsolable, Vaelentyr became despondent and self-indulgent. He sought pleasures of the flesh to distract him from his failures. Wherever he went, the people of Hoeth whispered reminders of his comrades slaughter. They looked away in shame as the once proud Swordmaster debased himself in self-pity and self-loathing. Something had to be done with him.

Vaelentyr’s uncle Galadrion was an official on the island. Embarrassed by his disgraceful nephew, Goladrion ordered Vaelentyr exiled for a period of 100 years. Vaelentyr boarded a ship bound for the Empire. His punishment, his test, his path to death or redemption would take him through the Old World, governed by men.

He is also able to sexually gratify three women at once, but prefers to take pleasure rather than give it. He’s not entirely above mild bestiality.

Vaelentyr Stormbrook

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