Name: Thramrok
Career: Apprentice Runesmith
Race: Azgaraz Dwarf

Wounds: 14
Corruption: 13

Stance: Conservative 3/ Reckless1

Career: Set Runes (see Book of Grudges)
Race: + 1 fortune (white) die on attacks vs. Greenskins or an adversary who has wounded you; Add 5 to enc limit; Night vision (2 less misfortune in low light

Strength 3
Toughness 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 4
Willpower 3
Fellowship 2

Wealth: Affluent

Trained Skills:

· Tradecraft (Specialization: Armorsmith) [Int]

· Discipline [Wil]

· Observation [Int]

· Weapon Skill (specialization hammer) [Str]

. Ballistic Skill [Ag]

. Intuition [Int]


· Fury Runecrafting

. Luck Runecrafting

· Focus: Unshakeable – add 2 misfortune dice to Intimidation checks vs. you

. Focus: Contemplative – If in a conservative stance, you may spend one fortune point
to convert one more characteristic die into a conservative die than your stance
would normally allow

Action Cards

· High King Gotrek’s Justice: Weapon Skill/Strength vs. Target Defense to increase damage done to foe (bonuses vs. Greenskins or those who’ve wronged you)

· Find Weakness: Observation/Intelligence vs Target’s Guile/Fellowship to reduce difficulty to hit foe with a melee or ranged weapon

· Thundering Shot: Ballistic Skill/Agility vs. Target Defence to shoot and potentially instill Fear in target

· Chink in the Armor: Observation/Intelligence check vs. Target Defense to bypass soak/armor with a ranged weapon

. Mollision’s Cocktail



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