Name: Oswald Becker
Career: Initiate of Ranald (Career completed with dedication bonus)
Race: Human – Reiklander

Wounds: 13
Corruption: 8

Special Abilities:
Career: Invocation checks on rank 1 or lower gain one fortune die
Race: Once per session, add two fortune dice to any single check

Strength 2
Toughness 3
Agility 4
Intelligence 3
Willpower 4
Fellowship 4 (+1 fortune die)

Invocation (Specialization: Ranald)
Piety (acquired only)
Skullduggery (Specialization: Pick Pockets)
Stealth (Specialization: Hide)
First Aid (Specialization: Tend Normal Wounds)
Intuition (Specialization: Detect Lies)

Faith: Ranald – Start with one additonal fortune point; when spending one or more fortune points on a skill check, gain one favor if the check succeeds
Focus: I Seem to Recall – exhaust this card to add 2 fortune dice to any intelligence check.
Focus: Shadow Stalker – Add one fortune die to stealth checks

Action Cards
Support: Curry Favor
Blessing: Blessing of Health
Blessing: Minor Blessing
Blessing: Minor Ward
Blessing: Thief’s Fortune
Blessing: Eyes of the Night Prowler
Blessing: Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Support: Fake Out




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