Human Agitator

Raped and mutilated by beastmen of the Obserslecht

I’d like to think she was mutilated, raped, and then mutilated some more…maybe she was in shock during the raping.


The daughter of a nobleman, Britta grew to be disgusted by the machinations of those in power and their blatant disregard of the commoners.

She ran away from home under cover of night over seven years ago to live amongst the common folk, using her quick wits and natural charm to try to improve the lots of those less fortunate (including her as she currently stands). Her family does not know where she is and she hopes to keep it that way.

Britta is an honorary member of a number of local unions enjoys hearing the tales of brave adventurers and has a natural inclination towards heroism herself. Unfortunately, she occasionally has a natural inclination towards clumsiness as well.


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