Biyombo Bismarck

Jade Order Apprentice Wizard


St: 3
Tgh: 3
Ag: 3
IN: 4
WP: 4
FE: 3

(20 pts to upgrade each stat by one)

Skills (3 pts = 4 skills + 2 specs)

Channeling (got it for free, 1 pt to TRAIN it)
Specialization: Jade Order Channeling
Spellcraft (got it for free, 1 pt to TRAIN it)
Specialization: Jade Order Spellcraft
Observation (1 pt)
Discipline (1 pt)

Talents (0 pts)

Focus: Jade Order (free)

Actions (1 pt = 2 actions)

All the freebies (including cantrip, channel power, counterspell, and magic dart)
Gift of Life
Circle of Thorns

Wealth (1 pt = poor)


Attuned Staff
Robes (brown)
Cold weather blanket
basic medical supplies
papers for my spell stuff
rolling papers for my other spell stuff
15 sp

If we’re getting a point for a miniature, I will make sure to have a new miniature and my point will be spent on:

Action: Improved Guarded Position (support action)


Biyombo is a man of nature, jusst wanting to live in peace amongst the trees and farms of the countryside. However, don’t threaten his natural environment or the order of things; he will come at you with a focused energy.

He doesn’t talk a lot about his childhood…some say he was born in the wild and raised by the winds of magic. He followed a lay line for a while and wound up at the Jade college, where he breezed through his initial training. He likes to use his magic abilities in creative ways and is at home amongst the farmers of the land, who accept his abilities because of their common goals.

Biyombo hates his enemies and likes his friends.

Biyombo Bismarck

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