Entdeckungsreise durch die fantastische Alte Welt

Diary of a Bright Wizard

My masters said I should try to focus my control more and so set me the task of meditating. Unfortunately they had me meditate in one of the library nooks and I set several scrolls on fire. After that they moved me to a closet…we were short several brooms to do the sweeping up after that (honestly the other students were secretly very pleased with me). Finally they placed me in a small empty room in a tower, but somehow I set the roof timbers a light. Soon after my masters suggested I begin my travels to complete my apprenticeship, they suggested that keeping a journal might be a better exercise; so far I’ve only charred a few pages, but the diary is intact for the most part.

Entry #4
After a few days at the Inn we received an interesting job offer and set off to Wittendorf to trace the missing taxes from Albrect von Sapponetheim. Unfortunately a rickety bridge dumped me in the river and I didn’t see much after that.

At night we were attacked my greenskins. I was unfortunately knocked out and didn’t see much after that.

I don’t know if the writing is helping me focus, but at least it doesn’t take much time.



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