Entdeckungsreise durch die fantastische Alte Welt


Dear Almarok,
After resting with the gypsies and licking our wounds. The group and the gypsies continued on our way to Wittendorf. Along the way we came upon a checkpoint village. I found this place rather amusing. The road wardens had placed a display of severed body parts, showing what happens if one commits crimes. For example if you are caught stealing the wardens would remove one of your hands and so forth depending on the crime.
One particular road warden gave us a hard time. He did not believe what or who we are. I do not think he likes our kind but after having a private meeting with Oswald we were allowed on our way.
We had made our way to a small hovel of tents. Britta tried to learn any thing she could from the whispers of gossip and brother Rorek lost money on gambling. I have never seen a Dawi(dwarf) that losees so often.
We made it through the night and woke the next morning feeling Ik(unplesant/unwell). Though we made it to the village of Blomdorf. Tobar suggested that we go in to the village ahead of himself and his son. They had to hide their cart because the gypsy kind are not well liked.
Here Almarok is where it gets interesting. As we are looking for gorog(ale). We came upon a mass of people outside of a brothel. I think it was called the milky pearl. Any ways a wench went and had her throat cut. After talking with the people that were milling about. We found out that watch had arrested a vagrant for the crime.
While we were milling around one of us found Bersh the gypsy son crying in a alley way. In between sobs he told us that his father was the one arrested for the murder of the wench.
We realized that Tobar was traveling with us and that the crime was committed before we had arrived in town. So after a heated discussion with the town watch and the wenches master. We secured Tobar’s release.
The next morning we headed on toward Wittgendorf and more mystery and adventure, that I am sure of. Finally making it to Wittengendorf, we headed to one of its many biergraden. This one overlooked a very busy marketplace.
While drinking, a begger came up selling trinkets and at table of noble Narwanglis(dung collector), one of these nobles pushed the old man to the ground. Which I felt was unrighteous and I felt the need to explain that was wrong. I made my way around their bodyguard and knocked one of the Narwangli upside his head. The bodyguard did not take to kindly to this and he thumped me on my head. Then we traded fist for rifle stock until I grew weary of getting rifle stocked and I thumped him with my hammer which he did not like and as the watch arrived the coward shot me with his blundrbuss.
This man showed me no Gnollengrom(respect)! If I ever see this man I swear I will KILL him.
The city watch arrested all of us , but after finding out that we worked for Graf Wilhelm they released us with the warning that the Narwangli nobles could seek justice on us. I will find justice before them.
May your hammer always find its mark



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