Entdeckungsreise durch die fantastische Alte Welt

Adventure Begins

Dear Almarok

Hope this letter finds you well. I write you this letter from the camp of two wandering Gypsies, Tobar and his son Bersh. The last few days have been exciting to say the least. I found myself at the Goblinz Bunghole enjoying some Dwarven Gorog when I spied some old friends and the proceeded to relieve them of some coin in a game of Cheater’s Bones. Then this Hruki(mountain goat) human sent us some drink and wished a audience with us. Upon which Brita (one of my companions)dumped the drink onto the floor, which is a waste of Gorog but she is very Garaz(rebellious). After a few minute discussion we decided that we would see this Hruki. We meet him in his quarters, his name was Malbauer and he wants us to investigate the disapperance

of some tax money that was due some Narwangli(dung collecter).He was offering fair compenstion. so we decided that we would do the job.
After no delay we started out to some place named Wiitendorf to another Hruki named Albrecht Von Saponatheim, who has supposedly sent the tax payment.
After some walking we came upon a Umgak(shoddy) bridge that crumbled under the weight of our bodies which caused myself and a few others to fall a short distance onto our asses. While the fallen made they way to the top of the hole a Thaggoraki(assassin) greenkin attempted to slay my friends that did not fall from the bridge but he failed and fled into the woods instead of facing my hammer. After regrouping we continued on our path.
We walked for what seemed forever, I do hate walking, we made camp for the night to enjoy some Gorog and food. Sometime during the night, Brita woke me to the sound of chopping wood. Which upon we woke the rest of the sleepers and I grabbed my hammer and made for the noise.
When upon the tree fell onto us but by the grace of the gods it missed everyone.
Then we came upon a Vansel(raiding party) of geenskins. What vile evil monsters. The night was
filled with war cries the beautiful sounds of combat and the sight of flames be cast upon the greenskins from Schar(a bright order wizard). We were able to defeat the Vansel but Schar was badly wounded and seems she may lose some fingers. Where upon we gathered our wounded and took of
in search of a safer place to rest and hole up. Which lead us to this gypsy camp.

I will write when I next get the chance. May your hammer always hit its mark. THRAMROK


Great write-up, Mike. I like the format of the letter, and the use of dwarven language mixed in.

Adventure Begins

Very nice, Mike.

Adventure Begins

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