Entdeckungsreise durch die fantastische Alte Welt

Riders on the Misty Storm

As the giant bog monster disintegrated back in to the earth, a couple of us pressed on to see if we could find what looked like the witch who had disappeared. Being quickly rebuked by impassable swamp, we returned to our companions to learn they had found a fetish where the monster had found. The earthen parts of this talisman fell away, leaving the Baron’s signet on a chain. identical to the one in the painting of Heidrun. We thought it wise to return it to the baron, but away from the witch hunter’s men. Upon receiving it, he was visibly shaken, but quickly pulled him self together as Von Schnell came to deliver him an urgent message from town. Krieger was on the warpath, so we headed for town as quickly as we could.

As we reached town, we knew things were certainly off. the normal town guards were replaced by Krieger’s men. As we hurried through town, towards the Baron’s estate, we came across the gallows occupied by my favorite elderly couple, the Van Helsing’s (because I’ll never remember their name). At the foot of the gallows laid the beaten and broken body of the two tailed turtle. Krieger, we found later, took the turtle as an evil abomination, and they had to die for housing such a creature.

We came across Pierne, his wife and small girl being forcibly removed from their home by 3 guards. That quicky changed when Pierne punched one with his third arm, which was growing out of his stomach. Upon killing him, and one brave guard slitting the wife’s throat, Pierne’s body exploded into some creature i can’t even begin to describe. We were able to let the baron and young girl get away while we killed the creature.

As we entered the Baron’s estate, we found Krieger had set up a questioning station, complete with torture tools. Present Were The Baron (and little girl), his mother, Krieger, Clemens, The raven haired woman who had the argument with the innkeeper’s wife, along with various guards. As we filled Krieger in on what happened during our hunt, and Clemens questioned the townsfolk, guards brought in our mute hermit friend. We would find out eventually that his name was Lenko Sep. As soon as the baron’s mother saw him, she threw a fit. She claimed she could feel that he had vexed her, and that she barely had the strength to fight it off. She swore he was the witch.

Clemens was quickly put to the task of torturing information out of him, as Krieger mulled over all of the opinions and information before him. For a crazy bastard, he seemed at least somewhat open to finding the actual truth. We attempted to speak with the baron’s mother privately, as well as trying to get our hermit friend to give us any clues as to what he knew or why he would turn himself in for certain torture. Uncertain what to do next, we decided to look around town a bit more.

Our big stop was Saskia’s house. Inside we found 3 “potions” that were similar not only to the gunk in the hut in the wilderness, but similar to what Pierne had been drinking when we first met with him. Soon we were summoned to return to the Baron’s estate. As we regathered, we were told Lenko actually spoke, saying he would confess, but only to us. He told us that some 20 years ago he was charged to kill the priest of Manaan, as well as a young woman. He did kill the priest, but couldn’t bring himself to kill the woman, as she was with child. He would not state the name of who charged him with these tasks, but felt it was time for him to pay for his sins.

Seth the cobbler was brought in, and told Krieger the same story he told us, which involved his fear of a cult in town. He went so far as to give directions to an area he thought they went to out in the swamp. Krieger took some of his men, and they rode down the river to check it out. We ultimately found out that he was sent to that magical underground river. We followed Krieger down the river, roughly an hour after they left.

Getting to the underground portion, we found Krieger’s boat. Things were quite messy. The shores and waters were full of good, clothing and even bodies. We found Krieger dead, face down in the sand. He had what looked like a dagger wound in his back. The front of his torso was wounded, but it didn’t look like any normal weapon did it. He had written the word “witch” in to the sand with an arrow pointing in to the cave. We found maybe a dozen black powder kegs in the ship. we put them in to our boat and floated in to the abyss.

As we came out the other side we saw a small elven ship, and Valeria waist deep in the water guiding it to the shore. We embraced combat with the handful of dark elves who exited the ship, as we saw Valeria, Saskia and the blonde man run further down the beach. After dispatching the elves, we gave chase, only to find Valeria fighting the witch as Saskia laid badly injured. We joined forces to defeat the evil dark elf lady, who apparently was only interested in finding the underground river. We quickly reached that conclusions as we realized the much larger dark elf ship out on the sea. It looked like it was coming ashore, or possibly going to sail right through the tunnel in to our kingdom.

As we thought of how to proced, we had a quick conversation with the witch, where he said his mother had died, he made a fetish from her necklace, and it turned in to the giant hulking swamp monster of a protector. He claimed to not know his father was the baron of the town, but swore he never wished to return there.

Return from...and to...the swamp

After a surprisingly restful night, we awoke to find that the old man was using some salve and other medicinal concoctions to heal our battle wounds, as well as doing his best to care for Thomas and his son. We stayed for a bit of the morning, trying our best to converse with this man, however he did not speak. He used basic gestures to communicate. After the day in the tavern talking to the local idiots, I found this non-verbal communication refreshing. Perhaps it is based on admiration for a man who has found a way to survive in the swamp as well as caring for others. Perhaps it is the curiosity about whether or not this is Father Marbad. One way or another, this man who has never spoken a word to me has somehow gained my respect. He seems to be looking out for our best interests, even waving us away from considering how to traverse the cavern to a crate on the other side. While some might believe he is hiding this crate for himself, my gut tells me that this is a good man. I’m usually much more hesitant and untrusting of others, so this feeling of respect and trust for this man is strange to me.

Based on his gestured request, we gathered our belongings and helped Thomas and his son out of the cave, and the old man led us back to town. As we turned upon exiting the cave, we found that the natural cut and surroundings of it created an illusion of a regular hillside. There was no evidence at all of where we had just been inside, but there was no magical cloaking involved in this hidden escape from the brutal swamp. It would be difficult to find our way back here, if we ever should need to return. We traveled for a good while, and then reached a point that we could see the town and continue on our own. At that point, the old man left us and turned back to the swamp. Vaelentyr called the name of Marbad, but the old man did not react as if this were his name. There was a slight hesitation, as if he had heard the name before, but not enough to make us believe that our earlier hunch was correct.

Upon returning to the tavern, Thomas’ family was overcome with emotion as they saw Thomas and his son alive, despite not being physically well. As bad as they looked, they certainly could have been much worse. Vaelentyr amusingly rolled a troll head into the middle of the floor of the tavern. He certainly does have a flair for shocking. Townspeople gathered around to hear of the valiant battle, while I was able to quietly stand aside unbothered by their tedious questions. Shortly after, we spoke with a local bog hunter to try to get more information about the old man and the general hunting process in the swamp, but fell far short of our expectations. At the college, I have become accustomed to being surrounded by people of much higher intellect, and returning to this village is a reminder that the world is generally full of simple people. Within minutes, I longed for the better level of conversation with the mute old man.

We traveled out to the docks to see if we could gather any more information about the smugglers and the underground river. Upon arriving, there was a huge spectacle as a large ship arrived with a witch hunter who seemed to take over both the investigation and the town itself. We noticed that the Baron was basically a lackey in this process, and wasn’t given the normal respect that a village Baron is usually afforded. We also have observed over the past several days that this Baron doesn’t really deserve it anyway. However, I’m not feeling too comfortable about the witch hunter sailing in and commanding us to follow his orders. Theodora, the Baron’s mother, seemed at first excited about the witch hunter’s arrival, but that soon turned into defensive and uncomfortable scrambling as we began sharing information about the investigation so far. His men began scribing the events we have detailed regarding what we know, and even sent men to arrest Salzig. This allowed me to turn the attention to her role in Salzig being appointed and Marbad being sent away. She seemed to have a strong reaction to the stories of the old man in the swamp, as if she knew who he was. Despite the evidence against it, I still feel there is some connection to Marbad. Thoedora tried to convince us that the reactions she had are based on there being a wicth loose in the swamp, but I don’t think anyone believed her story.

Eventually, the witch hunter had heard enough, and commanded the assembly of three hunting parties into the swamp. We were in one, and the Baron surprisingly ran another. We were attacked by a group of giant spiders who were much more fierce than we had imagined. Not all of the hunting parties fared as well as we did, and several men didn’t survive or refused to continue on and turned back. We continued forward and found a hut that we believe belongs to the witch we are seeking. The hut was destroyed by the members of the Baron’s party, upon his command. I was struggling with focusing on the swirling winds of chaos surrounding the area, the likes of which I have never seen before. Continuing on, we saw the witch himself in the distance. Suddenly we heard the ground itself come up behind us to form a monstrous being. While we took it down, it took its toll on me with some significant injury, and we had yet to face the witch, as he disappeared into the shadows right before our eyes! The winds of magic are swirling in chaos all around us, and I’m not sure we are ready to face what lies ahead.

The Crucible .... Warhammer style

We awoke in the cave with a mute, bearded, old, stinky hermit. This kind stranger took the trouble to heal us, including Karl and Thomas. In his cave we saw a massive, boat-sized cavern and underground river. This aligned with rumors of smuggling river and made us think of Valeria’s tale of some unknown passage elf boats took during the War of the Beard. There was a chest/crate on the other side of the river, but none of us had the stones to swim across after mute hermit grunted a few times.

Eventually mute hermit indicated that we should carry Karl and Thomas and follow him. He then led us through inscrutable mists back near the town. For a mute, stinky fucker he is a hell of a guy. Playing a hunch, I called out to him as Father Marbad, but he didn’t really react to it. Later in town as we inquired, we found that stinky hermit’s “shit-brown eyes” and bulbous nose did not match up with Father Marbad. So it’s a bit of a mystery who the kindly hermit is.

We returned to a heroes welcome which I further encouraged with a tale of our trollslaying and rolled out the brute’s dome as a souvenir. “Hooray” was said multiple times and we felt triumphant.

The next thing we knew was that a witch hunter arrives with a pack of thugs … which again the people cheer. The guy first seems 7’ tall and fierce, but after removing his fire-crown, the guy looks more like Danny Devito and we are less impressed. Still, one does not fuck with a witch hunter. What unnerved me most about the witch hunter was that he was sort of nice to us. Kindness from those heartless zealots just means they are going to burn your ass at the stake next. Fortunately our priest of Sigmar seems to get along well with this hunter, whose name is Mattias Krieger.

Somebody snitched out the drunken priest of Mannan Salzig, but who did the snitching isn’t really an important detail. Krieger and his weasely scribe sent goons to collect him. I can only imagine that failure of a priest is going to suffer … as well he should for failing his people.

We join the witch hunters at the Baron’s place. Krieger has pretty much pushed the Baron and his family around. Overstepping his authority a bit perhaps, but I’m not going to be the one to tell him.

While at the dinner, the Fire Wizard did a great job of peppering the Baron’s mother with questions about Marbad and the chesty old bag came out looking a little shakey. She knows something about the hermit, but what?

Working on our theory that the witch is the Baron’s son by Heydrun, we suspect that banished Heydrun and banished Marbad took to the swamps. We’re not sure if Heydrun died and Marbad raised the kid. Or maybe both died leaving the baby to be raised by the stinky mute hermit.

In any case, we figured all the bad that has befallen Falligmire happened after the Baron’s mom dimissed Marbad and sent off Heydrun (an presumably her unborn chlid, aka the witch). The Fire Priest thinks that Mannan is punishing the lady/town for getting rid of Marbad, which makes sense. Maybe getting a capable priest in here will help? Or maybe the responsible person will restore Mannan’s favor. At the end of the day, the cunt who caused all this trouble is the Baron’s mom. We hate her.

While at the Baron’s place, Valeria inquired about our search for the amulet/underground river. I lied because there’s something fishy about her. She gave off a really weird vibe about the treasure and she’s much more of a warrior than she seems. Basically the theory is this: (1) She’s either after this amulet because she’s evil and wants it’s wicked power; or (2) She’s good and just wants to make sure this precious elf amulet does not fall into corruptible human hands. No clue which way to go with her yet.

We were sent back to the marsh as one of three hunting bands. There we fought giant spiders, who were fairly hurtful. Likewise, we battled a Fen Beast that resembled Swamp Thing’s bigger brother. In fact, we found a hut with witchy type stuff, plants, dead animals, and a green liquid bubbling in a cauldron. Magic sight from Fire Wiz revealed chaos abounded. The witch may be retarded, not evil. Either way, he’s messing with dangerous shit. So far, all accounts point to the witch actually being pretty decent. He was not the aggressor in the village. And when we encountered him, he just hid himself instead of attacking us. True, he was chilling with a Fen Beast, but he did not attack us.

So, if we can bring him back alive, we’re supposed to. If not, we’re supposed to fetch his corpse. The witch hunter will kill this fuck, no doubt. I’m not sure if the Lady would want him dead (to cover shame of Baron humping Heydrun and the fact that he’s a fucking witch) or if she’ll want to help because the kid would be the legitimate heir to the barony. The Baron and his bitchy new wife have no kids. The Baron’s own reaction was weird enough when we told him we thought the witch was his kid. So who knows what the fuck he does now that they’re face to face.

All I know is that I Baron’s mom is to blame for all this shit. Somehow as we navigate witch hunters and fen beasts and underground rivers, we need to figure out a way for Susie Big Tits to suffer.

Baldric's log. (hehe, I said "log")

The past few days have been difficult, to say the least. This town has fallen on hard times compared to what they once had, but I think they are failing to appreciate what they do have. They complain of the fish going away and that all they can find to eat is bog octopus. I recall in my younger days when bog octopus would have been considered a treat, as there would be meat on the table. While I am now the top of my school of bright magic and don’t talk about it much, I never forget those humble beginnings.

I find it difficult to speak to most of the villagers here. I have such disdain for them. Even those that start with good intentions disappoint me with their eventual stupidity. Take the new priest of Manaan, for example. He’s a drunken fool, allowing the town to continue to waste away. If the leader of the flock can’t keep himself in decent condition, how can he possibly tend to the village? Why should Manaan grant blessings upon this area, with a spiritual leader who leads himself into a bottle? I am fortunate to travel with Vaelentyr who boldly speaks the words that come to my mind, as the drunken fool priest is not wise enough to read my facial expressions that he is a failure.

Thomas’ wife and a neighbor woman were arguing over a small parcel of land between their properties. At least, that’s what I understood later as I heard Biyombo retelling the story. I tuned out when it originally occurred, as the whole thing seemed too petty to be bothered with their quarrel.

To the part of the day I dread most – fraternizing with the locals. I understand why this was important, as we did gain some valuable information. However, the imbecile that I was speaking with was too dumb to know how dumb I thought he was. Maybe that worked in my favor, this time. I know I can be off-putting at times when dealing with those of little intellect. He did manage to grunt out some useful detail about Piat who is some sort of fence or smuggler, in some connection with items that may be coming down the river. That, along with detail of an underground river close by may lead to something later.

And then, it was on to dinner with the Baron. There were family portraits, but one in particular was covered by a veil. Beneath the veil was a young woman. Why was she covered? We would find out shortly after dinner. Our group has formed a connection that we can sometimes anticipate the other’s actions. It isn’t hard to tell that Vaelentyr is ready to stir things up. So we each silently watched different members of the dinner gathering as Vaelentyr toasted to the beauty of Heidrun. While there were a few reactions, none was so strong as the Baron’s. Heidrun, as it turns out, was the Baron’s first wife. Married in secret, they were very much in love; but his mother disapproved and had her sent away in exile (or possibly worse). Mother Theodora also sent away the original priest of Manaan who the drunk man replaced. She does not appear to approve of much, other than our own Gottfried, Initiate of Sigmar.

We also found out some interesting information about the elven woman, and her reason for being in the town. I couldn’t help but notice the Baron fawning over her. He really seems to have a thing for blondes. And who can blame him; we are beautiful people. So the elven woman is looking for a shipwreck to recover an old amulet. She spoke of additional treasure as well, but her interest lies solely with the amulet. We offered our assistance with her search. Perhaps this too will lead to the underground river?

Upon arriving back at the tavern, we found that Thomas had gone hunting in the swamps with his son. Fools. We now had to go out to find them, because he was not smart enough for his own good. He and his boy alone should not be out hunting in the swamps. And I should not have to go out after him to save him from his stupidity. But my fellow travelers took up the noble cause, and I stand with them, for they have always stood with me. We walked through the swamp and ended up in a battle with several trolls. They were tough, and even as skilled warriors and wizards as we are, they were a difficult match. Suddenly one was grabbed and dragged away by a giant tentacle. We were not about to stick around to see what the creature was that man-handled the troll so easily. We found Thomas and his son and pulled them away to apparent safety. I tried to chastise Thomas for being here in the first place, but he insisted that coming out to hunt for bog octopus was a smart idea. He contends that he needed to bring back the food, yet does not understand that he almost became the food.

Now lost in the swamp, we walked for a while before being discovered by an old man with a lantern. He led us through a maze of swamp, and brought us into a cave for shelter for the night. Biyombo and I suspect that he may have been around for a long time – 20 years or so. Is it possible that he is the former priest of Manaan, forced to wander alone in exile from the town? Hopefully, we shall find out soon….

The Tale of the Fauligmere's Heroes (as told by an uncouth elf)

Once upon a time there were three boars, but they were hacked and mutilated in a previous episode, so we will not dwell upon them.

There was also the fire wizard Baldrick Weber, the jade wizard Biyombo Bismarck, the initiate of Sigmar Gottfried Eberhardt and the mercenary Frederick Reidel. … well, and me Vaelentyr Stormbrook the fallen Asuri Swordsman of Hoeth.

In the once fishy village of Fauligmere we met drunken Father Salzig, who has done a rather shabby job of maintaining his temple and the spirits of the people of this troubled village. We chastised him and he buggered us off.

We witnessed a couple of hausfraus get into a shouting match. One was Emma the wife of our innkeeper and the other’s name I forgot. I was more focused on her angry countenance. Their families are in a dispute about a piece of property. It would have been hot, but frankly Emma smells like bog octopus and her body shows the signs of multiple childbirths.

Back at the inn, we heard all of manner of gossiip from locals, while slutty townie girls longed for my elvish dong. We heard that:

  • Baron’s mom was hiding a terrible secret behind her cold eyes (?incest with the Baron?);
  • There is some sort of underground river/tunnel nearby
  • Smugglers bring items that can be had by asking P. the Boatman
  • Other things that I did not write down, because I was ejaculating inside slutty townie girls

We were “fortunate” enough to dine at Von Stauffer’s place where we met his bitchy, elf-hatin’ mom Feodora, his dispassionate and homely wife Wendalena, a hot elf lady named Voluria, and the Baron’s pigeon Von Schnell. Aside from pigeon droppings, we gathered some interesting information.

  • Feodora is devout (to Sigmar and Manann, the randy bitch).
  • The Baron keeps a portrait of his hot first wife Heidrun, who was blonde like the he-witch that we’re hunting. Hmmm. Blond like mom, piercing blue eyes like dad. The two were together about the time the fishing business starting going belly up. According to Baron, his mom disapproved of the peasant girl (?because she was not noble, or because Heidrun was a witch herself?). In any case, there was a prominent chain and ring on display in Heidrun’s portrait.
  • The elf woman is looking for an ancient elf shipwreck and has no interest in all the treasure it carried, just an heirloom pendant. She needs our help and seems honorable, but there is something weird about her and the treasure.
  • The Baron does not believe he knocked up Heidrun.
  • The Baron wants us to go seek the witch and bring him back in chains to stand trial. Or kill him. Although, that was before I shared the uncouth notion that the witch might be his kid.
  • The Baron’s mom fired the old beloved priest of Manann for secretly marrying Baron to Heidrun and had him replaced with the whiskey-dicked Father Salzig.

Back at the inn, Emma and a buzz-cropped pussy with busted limbs told us that Thomas the innkeeper and Carl his son were lost in the swamp, where they were trying to find us some bog octupus … because that’s basically the only entree you can get in this fucking town. Buzz led us into the swamp and put us on Thomas and Carl’s trail. We found Thomas worse for wear and then got jumped by a nasty swamp troll … no, make that three nasty swamp trolls. The terrifying beasts delivered terrible blows to Gottfried and our gunner Fredrick, but those stout warriors stayed in the fight and returned fierce strikes of their own. Our wizards used the powers of flame and of vines to battle the trolls. Biyombo slayed one of the trolls with a magic dart, while we teamed to slay their leader.

We heard Carl whimpering from an indentation where one of the trolls had laid and the Mother of All Bog Octupai snatched one of the swamp trolls and we wisely withdrew. Before we did, I collected the head of the troll as evidence of our victory to help bolster the spirits of the townsfolk. “Your heroes have arrived, and all monsters of Chaos are felled before us.” Now bring back those slutty townie girls.


Dear Almarok,
After resting with the gypsies and licking our wounds. The group and the gypsies continued on our way to Wittendorf. Along the way we came upon a checkpoint village. I found this place rather amusing. The road wardens had placed a display of severed body parts, showing what happens if one commits crimes. For example if you are caught stealing the wardens would remove one of your hands and so forth depending on the crime.
One particular road warden gave us a hard time. He did not believe what or who we are. I do not think he likes our kind but after having a private meeting with Oswald we were allowed on our way.
We had made our way to a small hovel of tents. Britta tried to learn any thing she could from the whispers of gossip and brother Rorek lost money on gambling. I have never seen a Dawi(dwarf) that losees so often.
We made it through the night and woke the next morning feeling Ik(unplesant/unwell). Though we made it to the village of Blomdorf. Tobar suggested that we go in to the village ahead of himself and his son. They had to hide their cart because the gypsy kind are not well liked.
Here Almarok is where it gets interesting. As we are looking for gorog(ale). We came upon a mass of people outside of a brothel. I think it was called the milky pearl. Any ways a wench went and had her throat cut. After talking with the people that were milling about. We found out that watch had arrested a vagrant for the crime.
While we were milling around one of us found Bersh the gypsy son crying in a alley way. In between sobs he told us that his father was the one arrested for the murder of the wench.
We realized that Tobar was traveling with us and that the crime was committed before we had arrived in town. So after a heated discussion with the town watch and the wenches master. We secured Tobar’s release.
The next morning we headed on toward Wittgendorf and more mystery and adventure, that I am sure of. Finally making it to Wittengendorf, we headed to one of its many biergraden. This one overlooked a very busy marketplace.
While drinking, a begger came up selling trinkets and at table of noble Narwanglis(dung collector), one of these nobles pushed the old man to the ground. Which I felt was unrighteous and I felt the need to explain that was wrong. I made my way around their bodyguard and knocked one of the Narwangli upside his head. The bodyguard did not take to kindly to this and he thumped me on my head. Then we traded fist for rifle stock until I grew weary of getting rifle stocked and I thumped him with my hammer which he did not like and as the watch arrived the coward shot me with his blundrbuss.
This man showed me no Gnollengrom(respect)! If I ever see this man I swear I will KILL him.
The city watch arrested all of us , but after finding out that we worked for Graf Wilhelm they released us with the warning that the Narwangli nobles could seek justice on us. I will find justice before them.
May your hammer always find its mark

This aggression will not stand, man

Smarting from skirmishes with greenskins and still journeying to Wittgendorf, the Defiant Scoundrels traveled as escorts to an old friend of Rorek’s. He was a strigany named Tobar, who was traveling via gypsy wagon with his son Bersh to Blumdorf.

At a checkpoint, the local road warden captain was able to see through the Scoundrels’ quickly cobbled cover stories for their travel to Wittgendorf. All but Oswald denied him, when he asked if they were truly on a mission to uncover the missing tax shipments. Oswald would soon learn that not only were this year’s tax shipments not delivered, but neither were the two years before that either. It is not just 200 Gold Crowns that are missing, but potentially 600 Gold Crowns! The road warden captain noted that prior shipments were carried via footmen with strongboxes. Having not seen these footmen appear the last three years, the captain had written the Graf. Only now, apparently, did the Graf send others. The captain warned Oswald, who he believed was an Initiate of Verena, that he and his crew hardly seemed up to the dangerous task of finding this small fortune of missing taxes.

The lively market in the border encampment was a place where Britta picked up rumors about Wittgendorf’s growing tourist trade and Temple of Verena. Rorek noticed a run on rain gear and quickly purchased one of the few remaining slicks. Sadly, he was unable to obtain these for the rest of the team.

Trekking through torrential rains, the Scoundrels arrived sniffling and tired in the village of Blumdorf. Tobar and Bersh were stashing their cart out of town and following soon behind. Soon after arriving in town, the Scoundrels were drawn to a murder scene at the Milky Pearl brothel. Constables removed the corpse of a prostitute who’d had her throat slashed by a vagrant customer several hours ago. Locals claimed the murderer had been apprehended moments ago. A sobbing and battered Bersch whimpered from a nearby alleyway, and the team soon learned that Tobar had been falsely accused and was being held in the village jail. Small-town justice suggested he would soon be lynched or executed.

The team knew the timing of the murder made it impossible for Tobar to commit the crime. The description of the murderer was too vague to convince anyone but the most biased yokel that Tobar was the killer. Physical evidence like a scrap of a burgundy jerkin also helped the Scoundrels overcome their concerns about being convicted for their association with Tobar. The team eventually spoke on his behalf and won his release.

Venturing on the team came to Wittgendorf and settled in for ale and sausages in a pleasant biergraden overlooking the town’s bustling market. They spotted a lovely young peasant girl buying radishes, before an ancient, skeletal beggar came peddling worthless trinkets. Local nobles abused the wretch mightily, which infuriated Thramrok to strike one of the fops. This did not please their hulking bodyguard and a ruckus ensued. The law was called and in the whole mess, Oswald liberated a fop’s purse, Thramrok exchanged blows with the bodyguard, and a pack of roughneck monks of Verena (?!?!) absconded with the lovely radish girl in the market. Only the team’s revelation that they were working for Graf Wilhelm secured their release from local Watch Captain Edelweiss.

The search of the lost gold shipments has been harrowing indeed.

Diary of a Bright Wizard

My masters said I should try to focus my control more and so set me the task of meditating. Unfortunately they had me meditate in one of the library nooks and I set several scrolls on fire. After that they moved me to a closet…we were short several brooms to do the sweeping up after that (honestly the other students were secretly very pleased with me). Finally they placed me in a small empty room in a tower, but somehow I set the roof timbers a light. Soon after my masters suggested I begin my travels to complete my apprenticeship, they suggested that keeping a journal might be a better exercise; so far I’ve only charred a few pages, but the diary is intact for the most part.

Entry #4
After a few days at the Inn we received an interesting job offer and set off to Wittendorf to trace the missing taxes from Albrect von Sapponetheim. Unfortunately a rickety bridge dumped me in the river and I didn’t see much after that.

At night we were attacked my greenskins. I was unfortunately knocked out and didn’t see much after that.

I don’t know if the writing is helping me focus, but at least it doesn’t take much time.

Adventure Begins

Dear Almarok

Hope this letter finds you well. I write you this letter from the camp of two wandering Gypsies, Tobar and his son Bersh. The last few days have been exciting to say the least. I found myself at the Goblinz Bunghole enjoying some Dwarven Gorog when I spied some old friends and the proceeded to relieve them of some coin in a game of Cheater’s Bones. Then this Hruki(mountain goat) human sent us some drink and wished a audience with us. Upon which Brita (one of my companions)dumped the drink onto the floor, which is a waste of Gorog but she is very Garaz(rebellious). After a few minute discussion we decided that we would see this Hruki. We meet him in his quarters, his name was Malbauer and he wants us to investigate the disapperance

of some tax money that was due some Narwangli(dung collecter).He was offering fair compenstion. so we decided that we would do the job.
After no delay we started out to some place named Wiitendorf to another Hruki named Albrecht Von Saponatheim, who has supposedly sent the tax payment.
After some walking we came upon a Umgak(shoddy) bridge that crumbled under the weight of our bodies which caused myself and a few others to fall a short distance onto our asses. While the fallen made they way to the top of the hole a Thaggoraki(assassin) greenkin attempted to slay my friends that did not fall from the bridge but he failed and fled into the woods instead of facing my hammer. After regrouping we continued on our path.
We walked for what seemed forever, I do hate walking, we made camp for the night to enjoy some Gorog and food. Sometime during the night, Brita woke me to the sound of chopping wood. Which upon we woke the rest of the sleepers and I grabbed my hammer and made for the noise.
When upon the tree fell onto us but by the grace of the gods it missed everyone.
Then we came upon a Vansel(raiding party) of geenskins. What vile evil monsters. The night was
filled with war cries the beautiful sounds of combat and the sight of flames be cast upon the greenskins from Schar(a bright order wizard). We were able to defeat the Vansel but Schar was badly wounded and seems she may lose some fingers. Where upon we gathered our wounded and took of
in search of a safer place to rest and hole up. Which lead us to this gypsy camp.

I will write when I next get the chance. May your hammer always hit its mark. THRAMROK

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